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Root Cause Analysis:Power outage in the city or local circuit breaker tripped
Solution:After eliminating faults in the surrounding environment, re-engage the circuit breaker

Fault Symptoms:No illumination,black screen,no cooling for the entire device

Fault Symptoms:The entire unit has lighting,and the screen displays normally but there is no cooling

Root Cause AnalysisFaulty vending lane driver board or compressor
SolutionReplace the vending lane driver board or call the maintenance service provider

Fault SymptomsInserting coins and bills can make a purchase,but WeChat and Alipay cannot be used

Root Cause Analysisrouter disconnected from the internet
SolutionPlease confirm that the SIM card is not in arrears, and also check if the mobile signal in the vicinity           is normal

Fault SymptomsThe coin acceptor is not accepting coins

Root Cause AnalysisCoin mechanism got wet, coin jammed, or foreign object inside
SolutionPlease rule out the possibility of the coin mechanism being wet or coins getting stuck before checking for any foreign objects inside

Fault SymptomsThe bill acceptor is not functioning

Root Cause AnalysisBill acceptor got wet, coin jammed, or coin shortage in the coin mechanism
SolutionPlease rule out the possibility of the bill acceptor getting wet or having a coin jam, and then check if there are more than 32 yuan worth of coins inside the coin mechanism

Fault SymptomsPartial dispensing (backend reports '8')

Root Cause AnalysisThe customer, during the purchase process, first lifted the compartment door of the dispensing port or the product got stuck on top of the spring
SolutionPlease check whether the spring and motor are properly aligned and if there is any variation in the elasticity of the small spring behind the motor. Also, please verify whether the products are placed in the correct lane with the appropriate spring. Avoid placing similar large bagged products in adjacent lanes

Fault SymptomsContinuous jamming (backend reports '4')

Root Cause AnalysisThe product is stuck on the spring in the channel or there is a malfunction in the infrared receiver board
SolutionAfter troubleshooting the product jamming issue, please check the infrared receiver board. For troubleshooting methods, please contact the service provider.

Fault SymptomsThe screen displays fault code 6107

Root Cause AnalysisMDB startup failed
SolutionPlease prioritize checking for faults in the MDB serial communication cable and the MDB parsing board.

Fault SymptomsThe screen displays fault code 6201

Root Cause AnalysisNetwork connection failed
SolutionPlease verify if the SIM card is in good standing and check the strength of the local mobile signal. Then, investigate whether the router can access the internet. If the issue cannot be resolved, please contact the service provider

Fault SymptomsThe operational backend displays fault code 1003

Root Cause AnalysisSerial communication failure
SolutionCheck the channel drive board and the COM3 serial communication cable

Fault SymptomsThe operational backend displays fault code32or36

Root Cause AnalysisMotor not turning
SolutionCheck if there are any loose connections in the shelf drive wires and motor drive wires, and verify if the motor is malfunctioning

Fault SymptomsCooling is present,but there is no air circulation or reduced airflow,and part of the condenser is freezing.

Root Cause AnalysisThe starting capacitor capacity of the electric fan has decreased
SolutionPlease check if there are any foreign objects at the outlet of the internal air conditioner mechanism. If there are none, replace the capacitor of the internal fan at the bottom of the cooling section of the unit. Its capacity is 1uF/450V

Fault SymptomsTouchscreen is not responsive

Root Cause AnalysisThere are stains around or on the surface of the infrared touchscreen
SolutionClean the surroundings and surface stains with a non-woven cloth dipped in alcohol

Fault SymptomsA specific area of the touchscreen cannot be tapped

Root Cause AnalysisThe touchscreen is broken
SolutionReplace the touchscreen and recalibrate it under the guidance of the service provider

Fault SymptomsThe entire unit is not cooling

Root Cause Analysis1、The shelf control board is faulty      2、The compressor is faulty        3、The refrigeration function of the application software is not enabled
Solution1、Use a multimeter to check for a 220V power output at the refrigeration output terminal of the shelf control board
         2、If there is power output, it indicates that the compressor is faulty          3、If there is no output, please check if the refrigeration function is enabled in the application software. If it is enabled, it indicates that the shelf control board is faulty



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